Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kick-Off Friday at Adipose Square!

Friday's Summer Kick-Off was a great night! Thanks for all that came (and we had a great turnover of faces from all walks of Second Life - football fans, London fans, Doctor Who fans.. great stuff!)

DJ Lowtide started the night with a mix of loosely related football related tunes as dusk fell on Adipose Square's newly acquired football turf!


DJ Kat took over for a further two hours to play a mix of football anthems, football samples and some little sci-fi titbits to treat the non-football fans! A host of effects, an entourage of Daleks and several heavy footballs discended on the crowd!

Congratulations to our night's winners, Moly Dartmouth and Marc Boxen! Moly for flag bursting English kit and Marc for the surprising English patriot, Davros! Well done both of you! A nod to Simon Osei for his bizarre football-cyber... thing! See below and steady your beating heart (far right of picture.. the thing with a football for a head!)..

Want more pictures? Check our SLIDESHOW for even more images from the event and the sim!

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