Monday, November 30, 2009

New London Systems opens a new store!

New London Systems has a new store that has opened in Biker Haven! New London Systems is the in-house store of The Doctor Who Zone. We have vendors in Katrina, Lewisonia and Who Island, but this is the first stand alone store.

Please support the store and its products. Each item sold helps fund the large costs in keeping the Doctor Who Zone alive and public!

How to get there (aside from the direct link above!)

The store is on the Hand of Omega rezzer network: NLS Bhaven

On the Novatech grid transporter as New London Systems 2

Via the Stargate: /d NLS, /d New London Systems /d Biker Haven

Come visit!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

FREE Icy breath at The Doctor Who Zone!

Available at The Doctor Who Zone, a winter freebie! Icy breath! Created by Rowan Thursday for New London Systems, the chilly breath emitter attaches to your mouth and gives you a cool winter vibe!

This can be obtained for free at the Freebie Shop in the Doctor Who Zone!

Click the link to go straight there!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Zone continues to build its Christmas theme!

Ah. Snow, tinsel, baubles and fern. Could there be anything more Christmasy? Aside from Doctor Who on Christmas day of course. Given the choice, snow, tinsel, baubles and fern can go and start a loving relationship with Mr Bin. You could say, I'm shallow like that.

Update: Another Christmas image - the wonderful Cyclorama by Rowan Thursday got a Kat Kassner Christmas update. Looks positively perfect next to Cobalt's Radio Theatre. Pop to the zone and see if you can spot one - and check out the festive posters within its window frames!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oscar Rascon. Pub Landlord?

The rumour in the vortex this morning is that prim-hunter, Oscar Rascon (pictured,) could be set to become landlord of a new public house/inn opening in New London Village. If this turns out to be true, will Second Life be able to cope with drunken Time Lords running amok? Will Oscar drink all the beer himself? Time will tell!

UPDATE: Pub-boards have popped up in New London fuelling gossip that Rascon will indeed be New London Village's new public house landlord.

However local residents are questioning whether the pub-board scrawl "The End Is Night - Quick... Drink More Beer" is actually directed at customers. Some believe the board is merely an oversized memo from Oscar to remind himself to drink even more beer.

Sceptics counter this claim with the notion that Oscar doesn't need a reason to drink more beer - no more than a bee needs a journal to remind it to collect more honey.

The rumours continue.

TARDIS Region re-started

1.20am SLT, Thursday 26th November.

The attack of the purple people eaters!

What's this? A new Who alien species attacking two of Who Zone's finest staff Lowtide and Serpente? Following her return to New London from Victorian times, Kat was shocked to discover these purple beasts on the attack. Who will be next to fall to the purple people eaters?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blue Box spotted in Victoriana Square

Have you seen this man and this woman? If so call Clive. No wait, Clive is dead. Erm, call... whoever...

Jingle jingle the yuletide season approaches!

Never too early to get into the Christmas spirit it seems! Want to feel festive a little earlier than RL tends to allow? Pop on over! (Nice sweater Lowtide!)

Doctor Who Zone Parking Zone gets a revamp!

After a little tinkering by Kat this morning... the main parking platform for rezzer based time capsules has had a refit! Still the largest TARDIS parking zone in SL!

16 Parking spaces remain in the Who Zone TARDIS Park. Once these have been taken, no more will be added for quite some time, so grab them while you can.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Naming a console room.

This just in from the Who Zone Owner....
I thought i'd share the issue I have with my current console room. Namely, that it doesn't have a name. The theme i have gone for is an evil, slightly feminine console room. Perhaps what a New Series Rani console room may look like. So, i guess the name needs to be something that suggests feminine and rebelliousness. I dont think Kat's new console is a workable name long term! All ideas gratefully recieved!

The Scrooge Police Box re-born.

The Scrooge Police Box created by Kat for Christmas 2008, is back for 2009 with improved textures, and some new effects, including The Runaway Bride show effect pre-installed.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blue haired malaky!

The Blue haired wonder, Laredo Lowtide, relaxes after the Doctor Who 46th Birthday Party, planning tomorrows schedule. What will that include? Who knows, but its bound to be devious if the look on his face here is any guide!
Region restarted at 7pm SLT, so should be nice and lag free tomorrow :-)

Happy 46th Birthday Party for Doctor Who on now in Second Life!

Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Come on over to the Doctor Who 46th Birthday Party at the Event Stage. LIVE DJ, and a "Best in Who" wins a Toxic Screwdriver, a Button Moon Rocket, a Bad Wolf Police Box from Aliens of London, AND a L$500 NLS Voucher.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Teagan and Nyx for being joint winners!

Live DJ for Doctor Who Zone's Who Birthday Celebration!

Tonight in celebration of Doctor Who's 46th Birthday, there'll be a live DJ set down at the Doctor Who Zone!

Join us in the Doctor Who Zone later tonight!

Welcome to the Doctor Who Zone!

Welcome to the Doctor Who Zone website!

On Doctor Who's 46th Birthday, Second Life's Doctor Who Zone goes all interwebby!

This blog will be a hub for news and events for the Second Life sim, The Doctor Who Zone and its community - plus news and rumours that surround the TV show, its spin-offs and related media!

The Doctor Who Zone boasts the highest traffic ranking Doctor Who community in Second Life. It's themed on the everchanging world of "New London". A gallery will follow. The zone is currently in its winter cycle, so expect snow, ice skating and a more Victorian theme than usual! We're always welcome to new visitors and have a host of free events and music nights for you to join in the fun!

We also have our low lag floating mall, the A1 Sci-Fi Mall with a host of Second Life goodies. Mainly Doctor Who focused, the mall also has a host of fun sci-fi vendors from across Second Life!

The mall also boasts another of our sim enterprises "New London Systems", with a host of products including our brand new "Toxic Screwdriver" and "K8-T"! The mall and New London Systems help go towards keeping the sim alive - Second Life sims are not cheap!

This blog will also have a host of reviews by SL community members - and RL ones if they so wish. Just let me know if you want to send us a review!

Join the Doctor Who Zone on twitter at We have a feed on this page. Any new Doctor Who/Who Zone related news we'll be posted on that twitterfeed!

We've only just started, so expect changes!