Monday, April 30, 2012

Win The Tardis???

From the Radio Times . . . . . . .

If you have the money, can wade through all of the rules and happen to be hanging around Edinburgh, Scotland near the end of May (closing time for bids is 12:00 Noon May 31st) - one of them can be yours - here's more information from the Radio Times:'s-your-chance-to-own-a-tardis

Also, Matt Smith (along with Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey) will be doing some voice work for Disney Jr's "A Poem Is  . . ." series - more on that here:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Who News is Back!

Mark Warner's back with his latest edition of Who News, hosted by Nonamei Scribe.  It features news about the Dr Who "The Eternity Clock" game, some video of the Who crew in New York City's iconic Central Park and a David Tennant commercial for Virgin Atlantic's On Demand service for the telly.  There's even a mention of Karen's Gillian's Twitter addy - but don't you all go bothering her :-)  Use the link - or just watch below.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Doctor Hits New York

We have some Doctor Who and Doctor Who related News for you - and a new Tardis Adventure from our resident video genius Marc Warner.

First up - the Doctor, Amy and Rory have hit the US in a big way, filming in New York City this week and my favorite chick bloggers (aside from me) - the Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi blog have caught some images and some slightly spoilery material.   Both pics - above and below - are from their site located at

If you don't currently visit the Geeky Girls for all of your Sci-Fi news it's time you did :)

On a personal note - I am soooooo mad that I didn't know the Dr Who Crew would be a mere 90 miles away this week.  I could have been up in Manhattan and in Central Park squeeing like all the other geeky girls - it's just a 2 hour train ride away.  Oh well - maybe one day Mr Moffat and crew will write a story about how the Doctor and Ben Franklin hung out and how The Doctor helped start the American Revolution and they will come and film in Philadelphia :-)  

The Girls also have information on Eve Miles and her desire to join the cast of "Sherlock" - I'm not sure about you but I would love to see Eve as a foil for Sherlock and Watson (Moriarty's sister maybe???)  As someone who loved both seasons of "Sherlock" here in the US - I would love to see Eve take on the boys from Baker Street.


Over at the SFX website ( we have more detailed pics of The Doctor with Amy and Rory that look VERY interesting :)

Here's an example - The Doctor and Amy on one of Central Park's iconic bridges:

Please give our friends over at SFX a look and some love and thanks to them for their cool pics :)

Now onto news about our own Marc Warner and the beginning of his video series "The Tardis Adventures" wherein he plays a Time Lord.  His first episode is up and entitled "The Hangover" and can be watched right here:


More news to come - if you have any news or events that you'd like to share on this blog - drop me an in-world SL IM and I'll be glad to ut it up for you

Jayne Gudkov 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who News Is Back!!!

Marc Warner is back with the Who News Report - with Nonamei Scribe - and they bring us the latest Dr Who News - the Trailer for Season 7 from the Dr Who Convention in Cardiff - word on the 1st 5 episodes of Season 7 up to the Christmas Special and there's mention of the new companion - Jenna-Louise Coleman.  I am going to go out on (what I think) is a very short limb and predict that the new companion is a fellow Galifreyan - could be a Time Lady - maybe not - but she has been promised to be VERY different - what do you think???

Anyway - please have a look at Marc's hard work - you'll like it :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New entrance to the Doctor Who Zone!

The Albert Hall in New London is now the PORTAL to the Doctor Who Zone and Exhibition!

Enter the doorway to appear in a nullspace with two "TimeCrashed" TARDISes. 

One TARDIS will send you to the DOCTOR WHO EXHIBITION - a collection of props, data, decoration and freebies based on the hit show!

The second TARDIS will take you to GALLIFREY. Here there are numerous RP areas, including a TARDIS landing cradle (with a public TARDIS), the NEW LONDON SYSTEMS demo room, a galaxy simulator, meeting room, a cosmic hub that will transport you across the sim to a variety of locations - including the Dalek Ship, the Black Hole, the Moon and Meteor! There is a TARDIS in early stages of development, a watch tower and sim based Martrix room!

See for yourself! The journey starts here!

The Tardis Adventures Ep One Trailer

Marc Boxen does more Doctor Who based movies in Second Life. Here's his latest trailer! Features a fair bit of New London, home of the Doctor Who Zone!