Wednesday, July 7, 2010

War of the Worlds Week: Radio Theatre Special Event

The New London Who Zone Radio Theatre is one of New London's prized assets. The build is based on the BBC Broadcasting House building in London and for the sim is home to science fiction broadcasts and is an authorised broadcaster of (please follow the link and support their excellent products, ranging from Doctor Who to Sapphire and Steel to even Judge Dredd!).

The building itself has three levels. A main lounge at the bottom, a middle gallery (where there is a selection of freebies for those who join the Who Zone Radio Theatre Group) and a landing platform on the roof for those who wish to land via means other than foot and shoe.

This week has been War of the Worlds week, with radio presentations of War of the Worlds and for the next two days, a Doctor Who play inspired by War of the Worlds called "Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars " - as well as some custom War of the Worlds props that have been decorating the theatre's surrounding area.

The timetable for the next two parts of the event are as follows:
  • Wednesday 1 PM (SLT): Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars part 1
  • Thursday 1 PM (SLT): Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars part 2
The Who Zone Radio Theatre would like to thank those who attended the War of the Worlds play last night (pictures are from that session) and look forward to seeing you back tonight for Invaders from Mars.

For more pictures and information, please follow the link to Virtually London Lite who were kind enough to report on this event earlier this week. Some nice photos there! Thanks to Janey Braken for the support!

To visit the Radio Theatre, click to be taken there in world.

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