Sunday, June 5, 2011


DJ Archangel Mortenwold made a barnstorming return to Second Life action tonight, spinning the tunes at the Travellers Rest beachwear party, in Second Life's most popular Doctor Who region!

A large crowd filled the pub to enjoy the music, and show off their bikinis, shorts and sun hats.

Busy, vibrant, excited and a great end to this mid-season finale weekend!


  1. Yes, lets welcome the copybotter back shall we? You new londoners must be dense, he has been caught with copybotted prims in his dalek and you welcome him back, says a lot about the type of folk in new london, Kat you are a hypocrite, all other copybotters are instantly banned and yet he's still there, seems strange that dalek is part of your systems too, seems to me you may actually be a part of it...
    Watch your backs New Londoners, Archie may copybot it.
    peace mutha fukkers.