Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prediction Time!!!!!!!

OK – the long awaited (curse you BBC – fist shake – fist shake) second half to season is upon us and I think we need a contest – specifically a prediction contest. Just what do you think will happen in the upcoming 6 episodes that close out season 6.

These predictions have to play out over the next 6 episodes and can be serious (River will wear a blue dress to her wedding to someone other than the Doctor) or silly (River swears to only ever wear blue after she and Idris go shopping at the Maldovarium Mega Mall). Saying something along the lines of “The Doctor won't die.” without explaining why he won't die is not acceptable. You have to say why he won't die (and saying that it's because Matt Smith has a 5 year contract doesn't count LOL)

The point is to have fun and maybe we can get a prize or two from the NLS crew – custom plaid Storm Dalek anyone??? OK – maybe not – but you get the idea. So get out those crysrtal balls and post your predictions right here in the comments section and let's see what comes true. Get them into the comments by 10:00am Second Life Time (6:00pm England Time) or they will not count.



  1. Not spoiling it for you all but suffice to say we all ready know who eye patch lady is

  2. OK - no Anonymous comments here - I wants names !!!!!!!

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  4. Humans need the guidance of the Silents, The Doctor just rid the earth of them. History is screwed

  5. Okay, here's what I predict: the Doctor will die from a fatal dose of poor writing on the part of the Moffat team.

    Really, I am not filled with confidence over how the remainder of Series 6 will play out.