Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The oldest question in the universe is “Doctor who?” ?!?!?!?!!?

While I get the joke and that “Doctor who?” is a question that has been uttered by characters uncountable all through the history of this show, that's really the oldest question in the universe? For my money, it's “Where the heck did we come from?” but in this universe pulled out of Amy's arse and as told by Mr Moffat, etal, the oldest question in the universe is “Doctor who?”.

I didn't see that coming.

My initial reaction to the episode was that I hated it and I really did hate the whole ending scenarios, but in retrospect, there are lots of things to like (in my opinion) about this episode.

On the bright side, my “Prediction Coming True” percentage is still right around 8.39% and here's why, this little excerpt from my review for the “Let's Kill Hitler”:

Prediction – that the Doctor will not be killed on Lake Silencio, it will either be a Ganger or The Tessalecta. 

WOOT! Finally got something right :)

And now on to this week's likes and dislikes.

The tribute to Nicholas Courtney and acknowledgement of the death of one of the icons of Doctor Who history, brought a tear to my eye (Born December 16, 1929 – Passed Away February 22, 2011). I was truly bummed out that The Brigadier never got to make an appearance in the last 6 seasons – even a cameo with The Doctor during the past 6 years would have been great. There were mentions of “The Brig's” whereabouts but alas, it was not to happen. Truly a shame.  Raise a brandy for both Mr Courtney and The Brigadier :)

The Brig's Last Appearance with Sarah Jane
The Brig's Last Appearance with The Doctor

This section this week will be told (mostly) in pictures.

Bodiless Maldovar in a Box!!!

Crazy Viking looking Intergalactic Chess Player!!!

Live Chess!!!!

Flesh eating skulls!!!!

An American TV host (that's “Presenter” to you British types), Meredith Viera, who spoke about the Holy Roman Emperor arriving back in town on his personal Mammoth (Hair Force 1?? - feel free to add rim shot for the horrifying joke that it was).

(I actually saw the segment she did on the American morning show “Today” where she was sent to cover a TV show that was broadcast, but not made, here in the US. Others were sent to cover other TV shows that I don't care about :-) She was evidently there while they were filming “Closing Time” as there were a lot of Cybermen around. She did go onto the Tardis console set and I could have killed her out of jealousy LOL)

That an historical figure (or any other) who had interacted with a previous incarnation of the current Doctor actually appears, in this case, Charles Dickens talking about this year's Christmas special featuring ghosts from the Past, Present and Future . . . . . . Hmmmm, wonder what he could be talking about . . . .

Longer haired Doctor after his time as “The Soothsayer” (puuuuurrrrrrr). I like Matt Smith with longer hair, what can I say??? I also like that, even though the make-up boffins at BBC Wales mad Matt up, the didn't try to hide the forehead scar he received after bumping his head during the time they were filming this season. The Doctor needs some scars and blemishes, if for no other reason than to make him a little less “god-like” and more like us.

While I get that Amy hated Madam Kovarian for depriving her of River/Melody's childhood, I don't think it was necessary to make Amy into such a blood thirsty revenging bitch, she could have just left Kovarian there for the Silence to take care of – that was a bit of a heavy concept for a kids' show. I know they covered it later with Amy and River talking about how Amy didn't really kill her, but still.

Yet again, they messed with the Amy and Rory relationship. It's like leave Rory alone already, you've killed him, brought him back in puppetized plastic courtesy of the Nestene, made him a pony tailed doctor, made him a completely un-manned hanger on in the Tardis which forced him to come to the defense of a Ganger, granted a psychopathic one, made him carry all of Amy's bags at the department store (very chivalrous and gallant, but it felt more, like Amy demanded it of him as opposed to his doing it of his own accord). I like to have the door held open for me, but I don't demand it.  Give the nam back his manhood

That the story arc, begun with the first mention of The Silence (of The Silents?) is still carrying on into a 3rd season. Enough already. I like grand and epic story telling as much as the next person (currently working my way through theGame of Thronesseries - Tyrion is my fave character – if you know me that should not surprise you.) but this is silly. Bring it to a close already and start a new one.

I know that there has been bitching about this season being uneven and, at times, downright horrible, but I have to admit that for the most part, I liked it. What I am hating on is the talk that Doctor Who will not be back until 2013. WTF is that all about???? More on that in my Season 6 recap :)

I just want to thank any of you who have actually taken the time to read what I have had to write about the show that we all love. It's fun for me to write and maybe, I hope, me babbling brought a smile to your face, if for no other reason that you thought I was nuts :)


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  1. lol Heya Jayne x

    classic who was more mature when i was a kid, why classic series can still be watched to this day,,i enjoyed the episode,,but it doesnt keep me in suspense and wondering how the Doc is gonna sort this one out as it used to do,
    i somehow feel short changed after watching Who now
    as you know Who died for me 1st half of this Season,, i still watch it,,but the writing is done as an after thought now,,not with any commitment,no love, why series was chopped in half and prolly wont see Who till 2013 as you said,Muppet is off doing what he thinks are more worthy things
    loved your comments and opinions,, wondering how your gonna fill the blogs now LOL
    Wellzy x