Monday, June 11, 2012

CRAIG WINS!!!!!!!!

OK - I hate everyone who refers to an actor by their best known character's name - if you like an actor that much - you should know their real name.

I swear I would be a millionaire tonight if I had put some money down with a British bookie (who evidently take bets on anything - or so they tell us over here in the US) if I had put even 5 dollars down on James Corden winning the "Best Actor in A Play" Tony Award last night.

In an amazing show of either not taking the easy way out or actually seeing the show they were voting on, the voters for the Atoinette Perry Award for Theatrical Excellence picked the underdog. 

James Corden was up against James Earl Jones, Philip Seymour Hoffman (Corden's favorite actor - as you will see), John Leithgow and Frank Langella - a formidable bunch of American theater/movie veterans, I know I personally gave him no hope though I fell asleep during the telecast pulling for him.

I still have no idea what the show "One Man - Two Guvnors" is about, but Corden must have blown the voters away for them to have voted him BEST over the field mentioned above.

I kind of got a little misty during his acceptance speech, which is here.

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