Thursday, September 13, 2012

Only My Balls

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

OK – is it me or was this Chris Chibnall written episode dripping with sex and sexual innuendo??? Hey you, stop laughing, I hear you snickering at “innuendo” so stop it right this minute!

But seriously, it was like a couple of barely pubescent school boys wrote this, the only things missing was some "pull my finger" fart jokes, but it wa a pretty good story.

Between the insatiable Nefertiti, the the Great White hunter John Riddell bragging about his entertaining two dowagers while the Doctor disappeared for seven moths while on a licorice run to his suggesting a spanking over his knee for Nefertiti to Brian Williams and his (golf) balls. Criminey!

Naughty Nephi!
First, we get the VERY hot Jenna Louise Coleman last week (there was no end to all of the Dalek cooking a souffle fan art) and then this week we get Rupert Graves as Riddell and of “Sherlock” fame (YUM!) and Riann Steele (double YUM!) as Nefertiti – and then there's the scene at the very end showing Riddell and his souvenir with Nefertiti coming out of is tent locking and loading while looking even hotter.

And evidently even the protection of the Earth has been outsourced to India in 2367 AD

Anyway . . . . .


The Doctor puts a gang together - it's about time he had a gang, though you would think that Amy, Rory and River more or less make up a gang, but I guess that's more of a family.

The Gang's All Here!
Yet another appearance by the Silurians, nice to see them back, and Amy's mention of Homo Reptilius, a nice touch, since she has met them twice at least.

Great to see that Doctor Who can pull in movie actors with the appearances of both Mark Williams as Rory's dad and David Bradley as Solomon, both of the Harry Potter series, along with aforementioned Mr. Graves.

That the title of this episode was a riff on the American movie, “Snakes on a Plane”.

The CGI effects were pretty cool – the dinosaurs were depicted amazingly – kudos to the eggheads LOL

Rory's Dad.

Amy putting Riddell in his place as to her skills in fighting.

Brian Williams sitting in the doorway of the TARDIS and having a sandwich and some tea while looking down on the Earth – just a really great scene.

Tea Time in The Tardis
The robots.


Yet again, the Doctor was responsible for the death of someone. Granted, it was a loathsome someone and I can totally understand why he did what he did, to more or less, though he would never admit it, avenge the Silurians who had been so evilly killed off by Solomon's robots on his command, but it is still a jarring experience that this individual who abhors weapons and even reiterated that point in speaking with Indira of the Indian Space Agency when she mentioned the missiles.

That in the future even the defense of Earth from Outer Space visitors haev been outsourced to India - 1st all of the call centers - now space defense!

The robots. I know I said I liked them and I did, when they were “metal tantrum machines” but not so much when they were ordered to kill the Triceratops, not good at all.

Metal Tantrum Machines!
That's about it for the dislikes and this review. Overall is was a nice episode, nothing profound was learned, the story was advanced to the inevitable departure of the Ponds. It was cool to see Rory's dad and their bonding under ridiculous circumstances.

Pistol Packin' Mama
Next week it's off to the American West - or a reasonable facsimile thereof - so get your boy and girl hats ans spurs ready!

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