Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Attack of the Supermodels!!

OK – this was the 3rd, in my opinion, most anticipated episode of the season in that it meant the return of our Victorian era heroes, Madame Vastra, her lover Jenny and Straxx, the amazing Sontaran and they did not disappoint.

For me, this had to be the funniest episode of Doctor Who in quite a while and there was one scene that had me laughing out loud for at least 5 minutes, simply because of the “wrongness” of it.   More on that later.

There was a nice shout out to Peter Davison's 5th Doctor as The Doctor and Clara arrived in Yorkshire and how he had so much trouble getting an Australian stewardess back to Heathrow Airport . . . . . . 
That Diana Rigg was chosen to be in this episode. For a woman to have an acting career last as long as hers, over 50 years, is an amazing achievement.   Best known for her role as Emma Peel in the 60's series "The Avengers" (she was their Leela in that she added a bit of sexual tension), Ms Rigg has been in an amazing number of productions, including the current "Game of Thrones".

Also cool was that Doctor Who brought Dame Diana and her daughter, Rachel Stirling, together for the first time ever, Stirling playing the blinded daughter Ada.

Jenny and Vastra were back and kickin' some butt, especially Jenny (yummy in her Victorian Catsuit - Maybe that was Victoria's Secret!)

Just an aside here, but we know that Vastra wears a black veil when travelling the streets of Victorian London, but is no one actually able to at least get a glimpse or a hint as to her actual face??  We had "fainting guy" and Mr Penny Dreadful shocked at her appearance when we can see that she is obviously not human.   Hmmmmmmmmm  . . . . .

Even though this was a Doctor and companion light episode, I have to give Matt Smith high praise for his performance in this episode, maybe it's a little Matt Smith crush, but his playing as "Ada's Monster" was great.

That Ada got her vengeance at the end.

Straxx - the worst shot in the Sontarran army, yet he came through at the end.  Sontar Hai!
Actually, there wasn't much I didn't like in this episode, other than maybe the very ending, where Clara's charges, Artie and Angie had found images of Clara in the past.  I mean what would they have been studying to have come across her in those two distinctly different times and places?  Had they stumbled across a website set up something along the lines by a group who had noticed Clara and her popping up in different places - along the lines of those who had been looking for The Doctor in "Love and Monsters" (another Doctor and companion light episode)?  We might have to wait until next week to find that answer out.

The Clara Conundrum (This week's title for the Clara Mystery)
I guess I could just repeat what I just wrote above, but, there's more.  One of the pictures of Clara was obviously of the dead Clara Oswin Osgood, Victorian era nanny, known to Vastra, Jenny and Straxx.

I am going to stick to my theory that Clara Oswin Osgood and Oswin Osgood of the Alaska are clones of the present day Clara.  If the Doctor pops in at the beginning of the next episode as Clara is pulling a soufflé out of the oven and the TARDIS vibrations make it fall, I'll be convinced and I guess we'll find out who's actually behind her cloning during the last episode of this run, "The Name of the Doctor".
Sorry for the lack of pictures and video this week, but it was not for lack of trying.  Evidently I need practice with this new computer and BLOGSPOT on formatting things.  Inserting pictures and videos within the text have been a mess - so I left them for the end :-)

MRS PEEL (definitely hotter)

'ello Luv!

The Sonic Gives The Doctor Away!
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