Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oscar Rascon. Pub Landlord?

The rumour in the vortex this morning is that prim-hunter, Oscar Rascon (pictured,) could be set to become landlord of a new public house/inn opening in New London Village. If this turns out to be true, will Second Life be able to cope with drunken Time Lords running amok? Will Oscar drink all the beer himself? Time will tell!

UPDATE: Pub-boards have popped up in New London fuelling gossip that Rascon will indeed be New London Village's new public house landlord.

However local residents are questioning whether the pub-board scrawl "The End Is Night - Quick... Drink More Beer" is actually directed at customers. Some believe the board is merely an oversized memo from Oscar to remind himself to drink even more beer.

Sceptics counter this claim with the notion that Oscar doesn't need a reason to drink more beer - no more than a bee needs a journal to remind it to collect more honey.

The rumours continue.

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