Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to the Doctor Who Zone!

Welcome to the Doctor Who Zone website!

On Doctor Who's 46th Birthday, Second Life's Doctor Who Zone goes all interwebby!

This blog will be a hub for news and events for the Second Life sim, The Doctor Who Zone and its community - plus news and rumours that surround the TV show, its spin-offs and related media!

The Doctor Who Zone boasts the highest traffic ranking Doctor Who community in Second Life. It's themed on the everchanging world of "New London". A gallery will follow. The zone is currently in its winter cycle, so expect snow, ice skating and a more Victorian theme than usual! We're always welcome to new visitors and have a host of free events and music nights for you to join in the fun!

We also have our low lag floating mall, the A1 Sci-Fi Mall with a host of Second Life goodies. Mainly Doctor Who focused, the mall also has a host of fun sci-fi vendors from across Second Life!

The mall also boasts another of our sim enterprises "New London Systems", with a host of products including our brand new "Toxic Screwdriver" and "K8-T"! The mall and New London Systems help go towards keeping the sim alive - Second Life sims are not cheap!

This blog will also have a host of reviews by SL community members - and RL ones if they so wish. Just let me know if you want to send us a review!

Join the Doctor Who Zone on twitter at We have a feed on this page. Any new Doctor Who/Who Zone related news we'll be posted on that twitterfeed!

We've only just started, so expect changes!


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