Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebrate Kat and Laredo Bash!

Hello there. Harold Saxondale here. Just editing Laredo Posetide's entry when he's not looking. Honestly, I really don't see what you like about these two. One where's clothes that are too small for my Tissue Compression Eliminator to reduce, and the other has equally small things I couldn't possible reduce in size much further. Infuriating. Well anyhow, this gig was put together by a whole host of regulars and blight them all - it was was rather sweet. Well you won't see me there. I have big plans to attend to. One day neither will be running New London. Anyhow. I'm off. Hate you all! Harold.



    Moohoohaha! Feel free to rip pics for this page!

  2. awesome party guys hope to do it again soon!


  3. Lol, thanks Arch! Great coverage! And thank you Dp, I was genuinely humbled by it all!