Saturday, August 21, 2010

New London Systems: Hyperloom T45 has arrived - but what is it?

The NLS Hyperloom T45 HUD, Exteriors and Add-On Consoles have been released!

Those who have followed this blog will know of New London Systems consoles. Those who have a longer Second Life memory will know of Hyperloom, who have been somewhat quiet for the past year. Well the two have merged to bring you a BRAND new system to SL like never done before!

So what's so "BRAND new"?
Well the ideology is. Before hand, companies have offered those who have money and land a console - and a range of exteriors to buy to use with them. What the NLS Hyperloom T45 system does is support all Second Life users, from the casual to the hardcore. Here's how:

The basic product is the NLS Hyperloom T45 HUD. This is a HUD you wear that rezzes unique exteriors that feature Direct Travel technology. Simply put, you create your own notecard navigation database in which you can navigate across sims using your exteriors. Get into your exterior in one sim, appear in your exterior in the next sim - all with full time travel effects! The HUD has features like the unique security HADS which propels the TARDIS 15 seconds into the future out of harms way, and the self destruct - blow that TARDIS up!

The HUD and the range of exteriors are cheap, fun and professionally designed. So at the core of NLS is this great console-less travel device! Great for the casual user who doesn't have interest in consoles or perhaps doesn't want to own land to put one one! Or for the guy who just likes appearing in really good looking police boxes!

But what if you want more...?
What if you want to spend out on a console for your land?

Well this is where the T45 HUD can utilise some of our add-ons. First and most important is the NLS Hyperloom Add-On Consoles! Let's talk about those!

These consoles use upgraded and revised Hyperloom technology. They are customisable and created to feel complex and interactive. The add on consoles work with your T45 HUD and exteriors to give you a greater time travel experience.

For those who have used New London Systems consoles before this is VERY different! Yes the consoles still EXPLODE when you regenerate with one of the New London freebie regenerations, they will explode and steam in flight if you desire... but the set is far, far easier.. the technology is far far more advanced... and yes, the prices are still some of the cheapest in Second Life! Here's some highlights into what the new system has to offer!

First and foremost of these consoles is the navigation system. These consoles have been designed to give you great landings through FOUR specific modes - on top of the HUD's "Direct Travel" - so in essence, NLS gives you 5 modes of travel!

Manual: Input a specific sim co-ordinate into the console!

Notecard Navigation: The console has a location database the used can customise - just like the one used in the T45 HUD (and the console can let you chose between these two databases of locations as you desire). Set a location, exit the console, and your exterior will rez as you land.

Random Navigation: Hit a button, let the computer randomly take you ANYWHERE in SL. Who knows where!

Rezzer Navigation: This is a very unique indeed. It is a rezzer system - fixed points were you've laid a prim that will materialise a TARDIS for you. Great ways to land in grouped areas. However the Hyperloom rezzers offer something very interesting:
Shared Rezzers! Yes, you can share your rezzers with your friends. Let them have your unique rezzer code and they can land on your landing point - even "nest" on your exterior (see Logopolis to see Tom Baker's TARDIS do just that to the Master's!)

What's so cool about the shared rezzer system is it doesn't rely on external databases as rezzer systems usually do. As you can imagine Second Lifers, dealing with issues in-world, such as lag is bad enough, but external databases can - though not always - compound issues for the traveller; you're dealing with more variables that have the chance of error. With the NLS Hyperloom rezzers its all in Second Life. This also means if NLS or Hyperloom withdrew from Second Life, you have no fear of losing the external server database! You're product will work without us! The database is in your very TARDIS!

The console system is very cool in many different ways. Involving, reliable and fun. But say your SL spouse won't let you have a console room in their castle.....?
The NLS Doorway: A simple Doorway that will "Land" you in your exterior, and where your T45 exterior can deposit you if you click "home" on the HUD. Basically a way to enjoy time travel with a simple set of Police Box doors that can be placed against a wall in a dungeon, or attic or spaceship without upsetting the spouse and allowing you to enjoy your time travel fun with a link back to home!

With screwdrivers, Tissue compression eliminations and whole assortment of planned products to interact with the T-45 Hud, we hope we can offer you a reliable fun range that fits how you want to enjoy Second Life.

And the best bit? The money you spend with us is well spent. It doesn't get drawn out of Second Life, it is invested back into the community. It goes to keep New London alive and vibrant and encourage creativity in-world. Buying NLS invests in New London. So if you're reading this blog, and we presume you do so because you enjoy the New London sim, that might be an extra boon in buying New London Systems Hyperloom T45 products!

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