Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rory's Choice

Put the kettle on my lovelies for by the time it boils for your cuppa, you should have this review read.

My initial reaction to this episode was one of disbelief. I mean I know that almost every series on television needs “filler” episodes, but this episode had so much filler that dentists' offices could use it for their cavity prone patients and chefs could use it for their Christmas turkeys.

I also get that the producers blew a lot of cash on the 1st half of the season and the 2nd half opener, but sheesh, 2 on the cheap episodes in a row??? The rest of this season has better look amazing.

So far we have had Amy referred to as “The Girl Who Waited”, we've had Rory referred to as “The Boy Who Waited” now we finally get an episode named “The Girl Who Waited” and it has nothing to do with what I was expecting.

I was expecting an episode that covered the years of Amy's therapy sessions, her years of thinking Rory was gay, her hanging out with Mels, her years of basically torturing Rory and making him her “sort of” boyfriend, instead we get her dropped off on a dying, plague infested planet that the Doctor, who never checks history books because that's not the way he travels, and chased by demented germophobic robots determined to offer her a kindness by killing her.

Kindness???? I think not!!!!


Arthur Darvill – I'm not sure if he bribed Steven Moffat at the beginning of this season or what, but he has had some of the most amazing scenes this season, some of the best comedic lines. His scene at the Tardis door with Amy on the other side had me sniffling and looking for the tissues and saying it was just my allergies acting up to my watching buddies.

Where are my tissues?!?!?

Old Amy's make-up was pretty cool.

That's it – the Doctor lied yet again, though I actually do like that long overcoat her has been wearing lately – he again saved Amy, blah blah blah.


I'll refer you to my opening for most of this section.

OK – Amy's early 20's, in real life, Karen Gillan is 23, add 36 years to that and she's 59, just 6 short years of being one of the UK's millions of pensioners and not one gray hair, not a one. 36 years of avoiding and beating upon the Kindness Patrol and not one gray hair? Did her Rory robot go out for hair coloring??? Granted he had no hands, but hey, in this era of Doctor Who, not having hands might not matter. I hope my hair retains its color when I have hit 40 let alone 59.

36 years have passed but what did she eat??? Granted, she spent a week and never felt hungry, but 36 years?

Through The Past Darkly???


I am going to finish up this week with a prediction. None of my predictions have come true so far but I feel strong about this one.

I am not basing this on any spoilers. Aside from episode previews I am spoiler free. This is just based on a feeling that I have gotten based on certain key things this season.

Here goes – at the very end of episode 13 the Doctor, who will survive, will leave Amy, Rory and baby Melody off at their home where we saw them way back in episode 1 of this season, where they will raise Melody as Amy wanted to. I know that this messes around with all kinda of paradoxes and other timey-wimey silliness, but I think that's how it ends and that is the last we see of Amy and Rory. The Doctor heads off to his Christmas adventure and comes back to find another companion, maybe someone he finds at Christmas, no matter, Amy's and Rory's story ends there.

That's it for this week – take the kettle off, it's boiling over now. See you next week.



  1. I for one loved this Episode. Even if it was a "filler"... And, just my two cents here, when it come to the no gray hair and the no eating anything the doctor kinda clued in that the place was taking care of her physical needs for her making her last day of life worth living. Gray hairs come from lack of nutrients and stuff right? so wouldn't the two rivers place take care of that? It was only one day to everyone else she was in a foster time stream. Like I said it was just my two cents. I can't wait for the next episode though.

  2. Curt - thanks for commenting - and you have a point - and I am not the only one to have mentioned the gray hair thing LOL I read a lot of recaps of shows - Dr Who especially - and now that I think about it - mostly written by women and they were the ones that mentioned the gray hair issue LOL

    Gray hair comes from a lot of things - some nutritional - some hormonal - some hereditary - but I definitely take your point on the food aspect of this and like you - I cannot wait until the next episode. Thanks again