Monday, February 13, 2012


High above New London, a Dalek saucer is caught in a vortex . . . . . .

 . . . . . and one lonely Dalek patrols the corridors of the damaged ship, left there to defend the almost lifeless hulk. 

This is what faces you should you decide to start a Dalek/human role play in the skies above New London. While much of the construction and reconstruction happening down at ground level focuses on the upcoming Olympics, New London also wants to keep to its roots, the very best Doctor Who and British Sci-Fi related sim in the known sky (extra credit to those of you to whom that statement makes any sense and who I was paraphrasing)

The Dalek Saucer is open and available to anyone wanting to participate in a role play session and is easily accessible from any teleporter on the ground. There are damage meters to be had and it's a safe place to bring any weapons that are otherwise banned in New London. Who knows what else may happen as the Olympics approach – Synchronized Dalek swimming, Tardis Races, Cybermen in the 1000 meter dash, Idris and Orac playing chess, Cylons attacking the Battlestar Gallactica in the skies over New London, we're not sure yet, the the Dalek Saucer is ready and open for business, so go explore.

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