Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to The Citadel of the Time Lords

As those of you who have been visiting New London over the past few weeks have seen, the sim is under reconstruction as Kat and Laredo ready things for the upcoming Olympics.  Much like real world London and many London based sims in Second Life, our beloved New London is going through a facelift of epic proportions and while that work goes on unabated the Citadel of the Time Lords has been reactivated high above the City.

The Citadel
Able to be reached by both teleporter and the convenient elevator (lift) systems, the Citadel, while being home to Time Lord government may also have hidden wormholes that will take you to other places you can explore.

A Dalek Base????
The Citadel is also the new home of the Radio Theater.  Theater managers Hoi and Ebak have been hard at work moving their amazing theater up into the Citadel area and continue to offer the best Big Finish audio tales of The Doctor and his companions, featuring the very actors who played The Doctor and his companions.

Sit back and relax!
So while construction continues all around New London why not pop on up to the Citadel and see what's going on up there - you might find the odd Dalek hanging around, maybe even an Ood - or plan on your own role play, it's all up to you.

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