Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New entrance to the Doctor Who Zone!

The Albert Hall in New London is now the PORTAL to the Doctor Who Zone and Exhibition!

Enter the doorway to appear in a nullspace with two "TimeCrashed" TARDISes. 

One TARDIS will send you to the DOCTOR WHO EXHIBITION - a collection of props, data, decoration and freebies based on the hit show!

The second TARDIS will take you to GALLIFREY. Here there are numerous RP areas, including a TARDIS landing cradle (with a public TARDIS), the NEW LONDON SYSTEMS demo room, a galaxy simulator, meeting room, a cosmic hub that will transport you across the sim to a variety of locations - including the Dalek Ship, the Black Hole, the Moon and Meteor! There is a TARDIS in early stages of development, a watch tower and sim based Martrix room!

See for yourself! The journey starts here!

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