Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Doctor Hits New York

We have some Doctor Who and Doctor Who related News for you - and a new Tardis Adventure from our resident video genius Marc Warner.

First up - the Doctor, Amy and Rory have hit the US in a big way, filming in New York City this week and my favorite chick bloggers (aside from me) - the Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi blog have caught some images and some slightly spoilery material.   Both pics - above and below - are from their site located at

If you don't currently visit the Geeky Girls for all of your Sci-Fi news it's time you did :)

On a personal note - I am soooooo mad that I didn't know the Dr Who Crew would be a mere 90 miles away this week.  I could have been up in Manhattan and in Central Park squeeing like all the other geeky girls - it's just a 2 hour train ride away.  Oh well - maybe one day Mr Moffat and crew will write a story about how the Doctor and Ben Franklin hung out and how The Doctor helped start the American Revolution and they will come and film in Philadelphia :-)  

The Girls also have information on Eve Miles and her desire to join the cast of "Sherlock" - I'm not sure about you but I would love to see Eve as a foil for Sherlock and Watson (Moriarty's sister maybe???)  As someone who loved both seasons of "Sherlock" here in the US - I would love to see Eve take on the boys from Baker Street.


Over at the SFX website ( we have more detailed pics of The Doctor with Amy and Rory that look VERY interesting :)

Here's an example - The Doctor and Amy on one of Central Park's iconic bridges:

Please give our friends over at SFX a look and some love and thanks to them for their cool pics :)

Now onto news about our own Marc Warner and the beginning of his video series "The Tardis Adventures" wherein he plays a Time Lord.  His first episode is up and entitled "The Hangover" and can be watched right here:


More news to come - if you have any news or events that you'd like to share on this blog - drop me an in-world SL IM and I'll be glad to ut it up for you

Jayne Gudkov 

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