Sunday, January 3, 2010

Audience Appreciation for End of Time and Time for more SL fun!

More statistics! The question of how good End of Time Part 2 has been an endless debate in Second Life. Well thanks to RTD - whether you liked his work or not, whether you admired his art but didn't agree with his vision, everyone has to agree he has singlehandedly brought this show back from the grave! Now let's see if "Le Moff" can take the show to even greater heights!

Anyhow, this is The Doctor Who News Page's compound of data on the audience appreciation for the episode, this is a data on how much the audience enjoyed the episode, not the amount of people who watched it.

The Appreciation Index, or AI, is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. A figure of 89 is incredibly high, especially for a programme with such a large audience. The show scored well on all indicators, with viewers marking it as a high-quality programme which they made a special effort to watch. It scored highest with the female audience and with those aged 35-55. The End of Time - Part Two is the highest scoring of the five specials. Only the last two episodes of Series Four have scored higher on their first transmission. Earlier in the day, the repeat of The End of Time - Part One, with its lower audience of 2 million, scored an AI figure of 90.

Source: The Doctor Who News Page

On a lighter note...

Looks like there's a TARDIS in trouble out there... plus more End of Time fun! Spinning and smoking!

The Master Energy Effect is a fun freebie available from the Freebie shop in New London. Come down and get yourself one! Crackle and cackle like the Master - also includes his electro jump! This little freebie comes to you from Laredo Lowtide and Rowan Thursday.

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