Friday, January 1, 2010

First News Round Up of 2010

News from the hungover-news desk.

Blogtor Who have found an extract of the End of Time Part 2 commentary on the Official Who Site. Couldn't spot it myself so its well hidden! Follow the link!

David Tennant's LAST interview
before leaving as the Doctor! Have a look on the BBC news site - that leads us into the grump bandwagon against Tennant... read on!

Mail gets on the "Too Much Tennant" bandwagon. I wouldn't mind this topical complaint about the amount he's appeared on the BBC in the last few weeks if he was just appearing on chat shows and plugging Doctor Who. But he's a popular personality in his own right, who is big news for ending his role as an iconic character and people are interested in HIM - so where's the issue? He's not just been plugging the show, he's been presenting, acting, taking part in odd festive events. He won't be doing it much longer! Well, it makes a story, so if you want to listen to the Mail opinion whine, here we go.

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