Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Citizen D and his new Toclafane comes to the A1 Mall

Citizen D, who many sci-fi Second Lifers will know for his astounding Star Wars series of Astromech droids has enthusiastically joined the Doctor Who Zone and the A1 Sci-Fi Mall presenting his first Doctor Who product - the Toclafane!

This great little follower has different states (even opens up like in the show) and can follow the user, run a preset route of follow any local avatar - plus there are lights and effects to be played with. Citizen D's followers are always recommended as unlike many SL followers they don't bounce around your face as SL's physics grab them. Well worth a look!

His stall is parked just outside the New London Systems store on the ground level of the A1 Mall. Click this link to take you to Citizen D's products!

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