Monday, December 14, 2009

Colin Baker speaks and the Top Most Wanted returns?

Colin Baker speaks to Digital Spy about his time on Doctor Who and his current work on Big Finish. A gentle candid article. Worth reading.

Here's an excerpt:

Have you noticed that there’s been a critical reappraisal towards your portrayal of The Doctor in recent times?

"I’m perfectly proud of the work I did, looking back at it. I know I’ve had a bit of a revision since my Big Finish stories came out. The most vociferous fans have decided perhaps I’m not a c**p actor and happened to be playing the part at a time when the programme was under attack. I’m sad because I’d have loved to have done it more, but I am doing it more now! I would happily go on doing these forever, as long as I sound the same, which at the moment I do. Maybe 20 years from now when I’m a doddery old fart I won’t. Way back when I started doing the part, I stated 'my ambition is to do it longer than Tom Baker', which of course was rather rudely truncated. But in terms of stories done, if you include Big Finish - and I do because they're Doctor Who stories - I've done more stories than Tom! It's even been suggested that I might be The Doctor who has done the most stories. I think I've edged Peter [Davison] and Sylv [Sylvester McCoy] on Big Finish stories."

PLUS - a run down on the top characters they should bring back!

Here's an excerpt:

The Meddling Monk

Rumours have surfaced that this playful character, originally portrayed by Carry On legend Peter Butterworth, is slated for a return in the near future. We hope so - his antics alongside the First Doctor were a treat to watch, as he tinkered with history for his own amusement and not any grand pretensions of world domination. It's a habit that the time-travelling monk found impossible to kick.

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