Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Inter-Wire hits Baker's Square!

Wotcha guv, it's me, ol, Lowtide about to take you on a tour of our latest area of New London - Baker Square. Named in part after London's Baker Street, 'ome to the legendary Sherlock Holmes, and also in homage to the classic Doctors Tom and Colin Baker.

Before New London proprietor, Kat Kassner (and her latest police box project) is The Inter-Wire Tea Rooms - this is the Victorian base camp for The Doctor Who Zone blog. Let's 'ave a look inside 'er guv.

Ahh, the office of our 'umble blog. Some readin' material (for those who can read and those who like to crayon in the pictures), some coffee, a Vitex machine with a surprise (trust me on this), a few posters to lighten the place up and of course a large big URL to remind you just where you should be pointing your inter-wire browsers!

There's our Twitter page on the wall - http://www.twitter.com/doctorwhozone - and an ageing Tron machine on the far wall.

Baker Square will be undergoing some more renovations soon. Watch this space!

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