Wednesday, December 30, 2009

High Appreciation for End of Time and Too Much Tennant?

Too Much Tennant?

Excerpt from
"The BBC has come under attack from The Mail this week under accusations of populism as the public service broadcaster utilized the services of several actors in more than one show, including Doctor Who star David Tennant.

In the article entitled “How Doctor Who (with a little help from Hamlet) took over the BBC” (which interestingly took 3 people to write) the fascist rag noted that Tennant will have made 75 appearances on TV and radio by the end of the Christmas period December 14th to January 3rd, 2010. Interestingly many of these appearances are repeats, rather than Doctor Who promo work." Read more...

End of Time All Time High?
Source: The Doctor Who News Page:

"The End of Time Part One
received an AI figure of 87. The Appreciation Index, or AI, figure is a measure of how much the audience liked a programme. A score over 85 is considered excellent. Doctor Who had the highest score of the day on BBC One or BBC Two. The only programme to score higher on the main five channels was the film Gladiator on ITV1, which scored 89 with a much lower audience."

While it seems fan reaction was a little mixed, for those the show was made for, RTD's epic first part finale was a GREAT success!

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