Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Doctor Who New Year Party starts in 10mins.. on Gallifrey!

DJ Kat Kassner has left us exhausted but ready for more, and who comes along? It's DJ Sin - he's back for New Year again and will take party through into 2010 for the UK. Come on down - wherever you are in the world

DJ Oscar "Strangely Sober" Rascon has left the stage and rolled out the door leaving the DJ desk open for DJ Kat Kassner to start bombarding those party beats.

Theme for this next 2 hours? "Best in Tennoob!" Yes you know what it means - but be creative! Best avatar will get a K8-T and.. a golden ticket for a secret prize to be released in 2010!

So come on down - landmark attached!

Up after - DJ Sin!

Join us for our all night New Years Eve party to welcome 2010! We are hosting it our brand new Time Lords club on Gallifrey! Yes Gallifrey comes to the Doctor Who Zone as it has to End of Time!

Kicking off we have DJ Oscar "It's not required to drink to work here, but it schelps" Rascon!

We have a competition! Win a New London System Screwdriver of your choice (Hydro, Toxic, Victoriana or Steamdriver) plus 500L - for best avatar representing the Tennant Era! Most wowing/amusing will win!

We have DJ Kat Kassner and DJ Sin to follow! Photos will be blogged - come down to get a look - in on our last blog of 2009!


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