Saturday, December 19, 2009

RTD's top ten moments of the New Series!

RTD speaks to The Times as to his favourite Doctor Who moments of his tenure. I've included a couple of excerpts below. Read the article for the whole deal!

7 “Don’t blink — don’t even blink.” Blink (2007)

Right! We should stick with the Moffat theme, and at the same time, it’s about time we nominated a monster, so The Weeping Angels. Gott in Himmel. Monsters who can’t move; aliens who move when you’re not looking; statues that are alive. That’s actually three good ideas jammed into one. Steven always said, that idea’s so good you could make a whole movie out of it. It could’ve been a massive international franchise all on its own — but he gave it to Doctor Who. The fool.

3 “I think you need a Doctor”, The Parting of the Waves (2005)

Rose has accidentally got the entire power of the Tardis stuck in her head, is losing her mind, and can be saved only by a diagnosis (“You need a doctor”) and treatment (their first kiss) from Chris Eccleston. This is the perversity of DoctorWho — you can clash styles like a hooligan. This show ram- raids genres. Because that’s a great big chunk of An Officer and a Gentleman- style dialogue rammed into the middle of an enormous Dalek invasion of Earth! Not a natural mix, but exciting! Oh I love Doctor Who, I LOVE IT.

Source: The Times Online

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