Saturday, December 19, 2009

New trailer for K-9 Series plus episode titles

13 of the 26 episodes for next year's series have been given titles:

1 Regeneration
2 Liberation, Part 2 of 1
3 The Korven
4 The Bounty Hunter
5 Sirens of Ceres
6 Fear Itself
7 Fall of the House of Gryffen
8 Jaws of Orthrus
9 Dreameaters
10 The Curse of Anubis
11 Oroborus
12 Alien Avatar
13 Aeolian

Source: Official K9 site - Stewart-Wall-Entertainment

John Leeson stars. Doing a little research as to how this "links" to canon (it's not BBC and ergo not able to refer to or use BBC products beyond Bob Baker's creation), I found this on Wiki:

"As this is not a BBC production, direct references to Doctor Who are not possible for rights reasons. However, Baker and Tams have confirmed that this K-9 is the original K-9 Mark I, who appeared in Doctor Who from The Invisible Enemy (1977) to The Invasion of Time (1978).[14] This model was last seen in the possession of Leela on Gallifrey; in the first episode, the robot dog is damaged and undergoes a "regeneration" into a new, more advanced form, capable of flight.[14]"


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