Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Doctor Who Zone A-1 Sci-Fi Mall!

Lowtide lurking outside the A1 Mall, just north of Big Ben (the entry point into The Doctor Who Zone's New London area). Memorial Way, the plaza dedicated to those who in the Doctor Who legacy have passed on to the other side, is the entry point to the A1 mall. That's the building there. The one with "A1" on it. Inside you can either go to the left and take the elevator to the shopping floor, or the right and head up through the magic door. Or you can play Cookies in the foyer. Your call.

So you decided to head to the mall? Good on you! This is the first floor! Hyperloom, Hands of Omega, Novatech, Snook, Jw security, Archangel network, Gallifur, M&M, Space cowboy, Sium.. all rest on the first floor. That's TARDIS systems, organic life, great simulators, clothes, security. But there's more. Up to le Second floor boys and girls..

Take the stairs or the lift up to the second floor - here there are a whole host of smaller but no less fascinating stores. Thomas Conover, Vortech, SF labs, Neurolabs, ER, She Wants Revenge, Box of Waffles, Scifi Designs, Blackkat Choppers, Satyrkitty, The Hoi Shop, Vk Labs, Compton Constructions, Allspark Labs.. We have Transformers, Doctor Who motorbikes, sexy clothing, Star Trek clothing, Stargate items and a host of eclectic wonders!

So if you have a few Lindens and looking for a really A-1 Sci-fi Mall, why not visit the, erm, A1 Sci-fi Mall?

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