Thursday, December 10, 2009

A wander into Second Life and into the Zone..

A small trip into the Doctor Who Zone...

What's this? Well m'ol' mucker, this is New London Village in the Doctor Who Zone. Morning is in the air, the Rani World looms in the distance on Johnny's land and beyond that in the distance is the Nefarious Tower, lodged deep in the winter snow. But it's the foreground we're interested in.

Take a look closer, to the right of the winter ice rink and Memorial Church building and just between Magpie's Television store and my own small political office and you'll see the building in question. I call it, the Freebie shop.

And here it is. We are closer to our prey now. Here's the outside of the Freebie Shop. Snow decking the front path next to the loud creaky door(yes, I maybe qualified in temporal physics and mechanical engineering, doesn't mean I carry around a tin of oil - think about the trim to my suit). Inside, we have one lone fool surveying our collection of free items....

And there's the idiot in question. Probably looking for the icy breath freebie, or a poster for his dull, uninspiring TARDIS. Some sounds there I see, a few gesture packs. Some rather fun set of T-Shirts, flyable TARDIS' some posters, some handy SL gadgets. And there's also a second floor too. Oh and if you tire of hunting for free stuff, the second level leads out to the roof and the balloon ride beyond. So come and have a look - and if you have some, bring a little oil. Thank you.

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